domingo, 3 de junio de 2012

Twitter People (a parody)

*Spanish version: La gente de Twitter.

- Previous note: just lik I did with Lord of the rings in Twitter form, the tweet's chronological order is the opposite to what it would be in "real" Twitter. I did this because it's much easier to read the story from the top to the bottom.

Every day I open Twitter I find something like this:

Although none of this twits is a copy, they are, obviously, based in "a real story". I sometimes am the one who "likes stupid jokes" (you can get me with an easy pun), sometimes the one who "has a girlfriend" (and by the way, thanks Laiator for helping me with Photoshop), and sometimes the "Desperate self-advertisement" (did you buy my books already? Did you?). And you, what kind of twitter person are you?

*CC: except for the "favstar bot" avatar, all the images used in this post came from Wikimedia Commons.

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