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6 ways to be a movie star playing always the same role

[This is the English version of "6 trucos para ser un actor de éxito haciendo siempre el mismo personaje".]

Do you want to be a Hollywood star but are unable to play different characters? Don't worry, by learning to play just one role you can stablish yourself as a famous movie star. You could even get an Oscar award nomination, if your only role is deep enough.

Now we'll show you six ways to be a movie star playing always the same role (and maybe even the same movie):

6. Play a looser, so the audience will fill sympathy for you.

The easiest way to do it is playing an ugly young man, who wants to hook up with girls way above his chances. It's hard for you to look them in the eye and say a couple of lines without mumbling. You have no charm or charisma, but you try desperately. In case you have some artistic talent (music, writing...) you are an amateur with very low skill. Don't worry if your character turns up to be too stupid, the screenwriters will find a way for him to get the pretty girl in the end.

- Examples: Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Nick & Norah's infinite playlist, Juno...), Seth Rogen (Funny People, Knocked Up...).

5. Play an exaggerated version of yourself.

This is another trick that goes well with comedy. Are you neurotic? Be very neurotic. You are a histrionic person? Play someone who never stops moving and yelling. You have a Peter Pan complex? Play a character so childish that even the kids in the movie tell him to grow up. Yes, there's the risk that people believe that you are your character, but movie geeks always identify the actor with his character, so, who cares?

- Examples: Woody Allen (Annie Hall, Deconstructing Harry, Manhattan, Crimes and Misdemeanors...), Jack Black (School of rock, Be kind rewind, High fidelity...).

Jack Black
What makes you think I'm childish?

4. Play a “girly girl”.

The two first tricks work better for men, so it was time to write something for the ladies. Specially for those ones who want to be the “queen of romantic comedy”. You just have to be a classic romantic girl, sweet, cute (but not “sexy”) who cries for anything. Just a warning: once you turn forty you better learn to play something else, unless you want to let your career fall into the deepest oblivion (anyone knows what happened to Meg Ryan? Is she still alive?).

- Examples: Jennifer Anniston (Picture perfect, The object of my affection, He's just not that into you...), Drew Barrymore (Never been kissed, Music & lyrics, He's just not that into you...).

Jennifer Aniston
Hi, I'm cute, soft and fragile. Now pay me 10 million dollars per movie, please.

3. Play the opposite to a girly girl.

Maybe you are not the kind of woman who can fit in the sweet, romantic and cheesy stereotype. Don't worry, you can be the exact opposite to that. Play a girl who takes sex “like men do” (for Hollywood, this means not involving sex with feelings and doing it just for fun), or a strong and aggressive one, who doesn't need a men to rescue her because she's tougher than most of them. Anyway, the opposite to the classic girly girl is also a good choice if you want to build your career upon just one character.

- Examples: Heather Graham (Bowfinger, The Hangover, Austin Powers: the spy who shagged me...), Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, The fast and the furious, Resident Evil...).

Michelle Rodriguez
If you dare to say I can't play a nice and soft girl, I'll blow your brains out, motherfucker!

2. Use your look or personal charm.

If you are lucky enough to have a look that, combined with the way you speak or move, is close to some cultural stereotype, use it! Always play that character, and forget the rest. If you either look like a “dumb blonde” (that every man wants be with), a “femme fatale” (that every man wants to sleep with), a seductive strong man or a charming gentleman... You don't need anything else. There are many personal looks or ways that fit so good with a certain character that you won't need to work much to play it.

- Examples: Cameron Diaz (There's something about Mary, The sweetest thing, Charlie's Angels...), Hugh Grant (Music & lyrics, Notting Hill, Four weddings and a funeral...), Monica Bellucci (Malena, Combien tu m'aimes...).

Monica Bellucci sexy
I wonder why is she SO good at playing women that everyone wants to sleep with.

1. Play action movies.

Only the weak solve their problems talking. Real men kick asses and shoot guns.

- Examples: Jean Claude Van-Damme, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone... And many more.

Oscar Sylvester Stallone
And of course, there are some exceptions too.

Final advice: if you ever choose to leave your usual character behind and play something new, try to do it in a subtle and moderated way. If you used to play action movies with a few comedy shots, you might want to play a comedy with a few action scenes. But if you are the queen of the romantic comedy don't try to suddenly star an erotic thriller, the results could be terrible (really, does anyone know where's Meg Ryan?).

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