sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Angry Birds green pig's diary

[This is the English version of "Diario de un cerdo verde del Angry Birds"]

Day 1.

What a great day! Our leaders have stolen the birds' eggs and we are covered inside our buildings. The sky is filled with colorful baloons and we can see the sun shine through the windows. My friends tell me the birds are angry, but I'm not scared at all. They won't beat our defenses!

Day 2.

A red bird attacked our watchtower today. Our lookout guy fell down, and though the fall wasn't too hard, one of the timber pieces fell over him and made him explode. I feel sad. He was a good pig. His name was Pete, he had a wife and three little pigs waiting for him at home. We should have strengthened that tower with concrete blocks, dammit!

Day 3.

Another red bird tried to attack our main structure. A column has been damaged, but the building didn't collapse. Those red birds are weak, they won't be able to defeat us.

Day 4.

This morning a yellow bird came straight into the main structure. He went through a wooden wall like it was made of paper, and the ceiling came down. My partners are dead. I am isolated inside the last tower, and I fear for my life. I'm terrified and there's nothing I can do.

Day 5.

Another yellow bird tried to destroy the last tower, but he flew too high and hit the ceiling. Some wooden pieces fell over the upper floor, blocking it. I'm trapped in the lower floor. There's no way out of here. My situation is desperate, I think I might starve to death.

Day 6.

What a lucky strike!! A white bird dropped a bomb over the last tower. The broken beams in the celing blew up in the air, and so did the whole upper floor structure. Nevertheless, I remained safe in the lower floor. I'm alive, and free!! I feel sorry for my partners who died in battle, but after this surprisingly good outcome I can't help but smile.

angry birds pig
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  1. Yo tengo una teoria para eso... y es que al diablo ya no le interesa mas el intercambio de favores por el alma, pues como van las cosas ya tiene asegurada una cantidad enorme de almas y no se si el infierno tiene el cupo suficiente. Por eso me parece perfecto que se dedique a los placeres mundanos...es mas yo le dejaria la direccion un buen Sex shop.

  2. @sex shop: creo que tu comentario iba para el post inmediatamente posterior a este, el del microrrelato.


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