martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Lord of the Rings in Twitter form

[This is the English version of "El Señor de los Anillos Narrado por Twitter"]

How would "Lord of the Rings" be if it had been told by the main characters through their Twitter accounts? I tried to answer that question by making this peculiar version of the trilogy's first movie, "The Fellowship of the ring", in Twitter form (the movie, not the book, because it's shorter). I hope you guys like it so much as the Spanish readers liked it the first time.


- The tweet's chronological order is the opposite to what it would be in "real" Twitter. I did this because it's much easier to read the story from the top to the bottom.
- The URLs are all real. You can actually click them to see the links.

Lord of the rings in twitter form 1 4square BreeLord of the Rings in Twitter form 2Lord of the Rings in Twitter form 3Lord of the Rings in Twitter form 4 4square BreeLord of the Rings in Twitter form 5argonathhumorporhoras

This is a Spanish blog, but I'm begining to do some stuff in English. For example, some of my original videos have English subtitles. You can check them here: "Recipe for an end of the world movie", "In love and war", "The perfect apartment".

I didn't translate the next parts of the trilogy, but they are available in Spanish:

- El señor de los Anillos, Las Dos Torres, narrado por Twitter.
- El señor de los Anillos, El Retorno del Rey, narrado por Twitter.

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  1. It must be a bit disappointing to see that you got only one comment after a so hard work. So let me say, congratulations for this post. Even though, as you know, I'm not a huge fan of TLOTR, it's fair to recognize that this post is really funny.

  2. And allow me to recommend you this:

  3. @Anónimo: ok, changed.

    @Perplejita: thanks, I guess I don't have many English readers yet.


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